Total Recordable Incident Rate of 0.0 in 2016

Wink Engineering is pleased to announce that its employees achieved the impressive milestone of Zero Recordable Incidents in Calendar Year 2016. This was the second consecutive year without a safety recordable. “In fact,” said Casey Miller, Safety Manager, “we have achieved 28 months without a recordable incident – this represents more than 1.5 Million manhours of safe work performance.”

This is a tremendous accomplishment for any company, in any industry. While the numbers are a source of pride, Miller added, “what is most important is that all of our people returned home safely to their family and loved ones, every day.”

Along with Andy Farris, CEO, and Kevin Steed, President, Miller thanked and congratulated all Wink employees for this outstanding achievement. “We continue to set the bar high,” he said, adding that while the 0.0 TRIR is a great milestone, “it is important that we do not become complacent, and maintain our 24/7 commitment to safety excellence as we enter this New Year, with its new challenges.”

Wink Engineering’s award-winning Safety Program includes many tools and practices to foster a safe work environment: A3, Walk this Way, Driving Safety, “Toolbox Meetings,” mandatory Job Safety Analysis (JSA), monthly on-line safety training, and individual Stop Work Authority.

“Safety and Mutual Respect are core values of our company,” Farris said. “As we focus on our own safe work performance, let’s always make sure we watch out for the safety of others. This is the highest form of mutual respect behavior.”