Energy Conservation Audits

Petrin has been certified by the National Insulation Association to provide Insulation Energy Appraisals. Our personnel completed the IEAP accreditation program, which was developed to assist industrial facilities in reducing energy consumption, lowering environmental emissions, and improving process efficiency.

Energy Audits are conducted by an IEAP-trained appraiser, and provide the industrial user with valuable information, including:

  • Actual costs of energy consumption using its current insulations system, and the potential savings that can be realized from an insulation system upgrade.
  • The environmental impact of the insulation system upgrade, in terms of reduced combustion product gases (CO2, NOx, and other greenhouse gases) as a result of reduced fuel consumption.
  • The amount of energy (BTU) loss or gain, relative to insulated uninsulated surfaces in the plant.
  • The amount of energy loss or gain from a pipe vessel if the pipe or vessel is insulated to the proper thickness. (Thickness for optimum heat loss or gain determined by the 3E-Plus software approved by the National Insulation Association for use in the appraisals.)

The IEAP is a valuable tool for industrial owners to maximize the efficiency of their industrial processes, while reducing plant emissions and saving money on energy consumption.